Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ancient Secrets & Art

WELCOME! ALOHA! From Hawaii. You are invited to help solve the greatest secrets & mysteries of all time by participating in this site with your own research and perspectives on topics of discussion.

Aelbert M.C. Aehegma, an internationally exhibited artist, published author, scholar of ancient cultures, and adventurer, ~ invites you to be a part of an internet investigation to help prove the knowledge and wisdom of the ancients; much of which is not really lost, but denied its place in the history of the evolution of mankind by narrow minded modern egotistic attitudes of official institutions, authorities and politically correct points of view.

If we could better use ancient knowledge and wisdom better, today, and in the future we can help save ourselves, the planet and all the beings that live on our beautiful blue world. Firstly, false theories accepted as modern fact, history, and scientific correctness must be scrutinized, and alternative views of history presented with PROOF. These alternative views must be brought to together as a body of evidence, to prove that many alternative histories, facts, and theories, are at least more likely than the institutionally accepted, politically correct views of man's evolution.

A book is now under production by Aelbert which deals with the meaning of the most ancient scripts, petroglyphs, cave paintings and other ancient art, communications, and languages.

Anyone wishing to contribute theories of ancient knowledge or wisdom of especially prehistoric, pre-B.C. or shortly after A.D.(of any cultures) based on their research on the web or elsewhere, will have their works considered to be honored on this site as permanent archives, and perhaps publication in an anthology, following as a second book to be co-ordinated by Aelbert.

"Ancient Secrets Revealed," is the tentative title of this first book in the series by Aelbert M.C. Aehegma. The second, "Companion Anthology", will be derived from your contributions to this site: if your views, articles, etc. are accepted, you will be sent a publication agreement. No materials will be used without your express permission. You may mail theories, research proofs, etcetera to Attention: Mahina, Pacific Museum Services P.O. Box 1844 Kealakekua, Hawaii 96750. You will receive a reply by e-mail of the acceptance, rejection, or request for more research or revisions for the second book.

This is an exciting enterprise which could help rewrite history, as we have been taught.

Please visit other BLOG SITE'Aelbert A'a Artsblog Site 360.yahoo.com/pacifictalent for aelbert's personal open journals with photos of him before a portal stone of an allignment petroglyph stone ~man which stands before a 'rosetta stone' that helped him solve the mystery of the petroglyphs in Hawaii, and elsewhere. His e-mail for contact is pacifictalent@yahoo.com.

Please Post any ideas with proofs on THIS BLOG SITE: Ancient Secrets & Art
aelbertancientart.blogspot.com. No Phone Calls are being accepted at this time due to heavy communications. Once again, You may send a confidential letter by U.S. Postal Service if you to keep your communication more confidential: Again, the Address of Pacific Museum Service:
Attention: Mahina ( in behalf of Aelbert M.C. Aehegma) Pacific Museum Services P.O. Box 1844, Kealakekua, Hawaii, 96750